Rosewater – Starting out a ritual

Hello everyone, I want to start this new beginning with an encouragement for you, I will help you to get the skin you want, but you need to be persistent, having beautiful skin is a process not a miracle! Not everyone has the same kind of skin even if on the same spectrum this means that you could have oily skin with the same acne problem that your friend has and yet, using the same products, you don’t have the same results.How is this possible? It’s probably because there’s some underlining factors that makes us different. 

The basis of having “good” skin is having a proper and balanced diet. Everything you eat and drink will show on your skin. Too much fat ingested? Acne and excess sebum will show; not enough water? Your skin will appear dehydrated even if you have oily skin (yes, it’s possible to have oily and dehydrated skin). 

Now, to start out a new routine or better, a ritual, where should you start? That’s easy, whether you have oily, dry, sensitive skin or having any other concern, you should first clean your face. There are many cleansers available on the market and the best way to clean all your pores is by double cleansing. You can check out my guide on Double Cleansing, but for now we will start easy, you can always experiment and find what works best for you.  
The best “product” to use when starting out, especially if you’re in your teens, is rosewater. It’s one of the simplest things, and since I started using it my skin was smooth and it left a super clean feeling on my face.  
Rosewater is perfect for every kind of skin; it’s made from steeped rose petals in distilled water. It’s a method that has been used for thousands of years and still is in use today, medicinally, nutritionally and also as a perfume.  

The Benefits of Rosewater 

  • Anti-inflammatory, so it’s perfect for any rednessrosacea and eczema
  • Antibacterial properties aids in healing scars and cuts, and acne
  • Removes oils from the pores as well as controls excess sebum
  • Astringent: After steaming, tightens capillaries and reduces redness and blotchiness.  
  • Hydrates, revitalise and moisturize drysensitive skin 
  • Gives a rejuvenating appearance to mature skin. 

How to use it 

You can use it when you first get out of bed and just splash some rosewater on your face to revitalise it.  

It’s perfect for tired eyes, if you store it in a fridge overnight you can then just soak a cotton pad with it and let it rest on your eyes closed for about 5 min, you will feel refreshed and also the cold will depuff the skin around your eyes. 

If you are using the double cleanse method, you will find useful the rosewater as a toner, to balance the normal PH of the skin, this is especially good for oily skin. 

 Or you can use it to hydrate your skin when wearing make-up that is too drying, just spritz some on your face and let it be absorbed by your parched skin. 


Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner – £34.00

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