Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is part of the Asian beauty 10 step routine originated from Japan and South Korea, and just recently caught up in the rest of the world.
It’s extremely important to double cleanse to avoid breakouts and even if you don’t wear any makeup: it’s the best way to start your routine in the morning, to get off all the sweat and dirt from the night before, and then at the end of the day.

The method consists of two parts:
Step 1: use an oil-based product. It could be a pure oil, an oil-based product or a balm. This will dissolve the formulas of make-up and SPF, as well as breaking down sebum and pollutants without stripping your skin of lipids and ceramides. For those who have oily skin is perfect to help balance your skin and excess sebum. You actually will be soon noticing your face getting less and less shiny throughout the day, YAY!

Do not use any plant-based oil such as coconut and olive oil because they are EXTREMELY comedogenic (this means they will clog your pores) and they do not emulsify properly like oil cleansers.

Step 2: use a water-based product. This will mix with the oil and will clean all the sweat and dirt from your skin as well as the precedently used oil. You can use micellar water of your preference for this step. At this point, you shouldn’t be seeing any remaining makeup on your cotton pad! This means you are ready for the rest of your routine.


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