6 Best Hyaluronic Acids and why you need it

What is it

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced in our body in our eyes, skin, and connective tissues. This makes it high tolerance for sensitive skin types, in skincare it’s the best ingredient you can use and it is also becoming a huge trend.

Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant, this means that it continuously draws moisture into the skin, (think of it like a sponge) giving long-lasting moisture to your skin. It boosts hydration for all skin types and it is greatly beneficial for dry and dehydrated skins. A great misconception is that oily skin doesn’t need extra moisturization, and it is very important to understand why it’s wrong, when oily skin is stripped of hydration (water) it overcompensates to hydrate the skin by producing oil. So when you apply hyaluronic acid to oily skin you are rebalancing the natural barrier of your skin, and over time the oiliness can be more “manageable”. It became popular through the Ordinary brand, which created an extraordinary product at the cheapest price. I highly recommend using that one, not only if you are newbie in skincare but also if you are experienced.

What does it look like

It’s like a gooey substance (much like the water in your eyes) that shouldn’t have any colour or fragrance to it. There are a lot of hyaluronic acid products in commerce and I wouldn’t buy the most expensive ones because it’s generally a cheap ingredient, so you will be paying mostly for the brand (great if you want to support them). I will suggest some of my favourites which I either tried or has been recommended to me (more than once).

How to use it

Hyaluronic acid is pretty easy to use and combine. If you buy the serum, it means that no other ingredients should be inside, so it doesn’t create any problems with other products and can be layered for extra benefits and other treatments.

I suggest strongly that after you apply your hyaluronic acid, possibly use a derma-roller or jade roller to tone the skin, cause if you have acne scars it can help make your skin tighter over time. After you need to apply a moisturizer. This is because the hyaluronic acid when drying will leave a patina almost and may not be very nice looking, especially if you are going out. The moisturizer will provide a barrier that will leave your skin plump and glowy. For dark spots and pigmentation, Hyaluronic Acid needs a bit of help from a Vitamin C serum or booster.


Hyaluronic Acid helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, firming facial contours for a more youthful appearance. Using it twice a day around the eyes may help keep your skin supple and hydrated.

Hyaluronic Acid works overtime and it helps your skin rejuvenating and fortifying its natural barrier.

With the use of a roller, it will make your skin look tighter and firmer.

Promotes skin regeneration, making your new skin healthier-looking and more vibrant.

By getting the moisture the skin needs, hyaluronic acid prevents the over-production of oil that clogs pores and causes breakouts.’

Best Economic Hyaluronic Acid

Best Expensive Hyluronic Acid

Bonus tip:

When you apply Hyaluronic Acid be sure that your skin is wet, it uses the water to pull into the skin and if you don’t put anything after it (like a moisturizer) it will evaporate and dry your skin. This happens with all serums so be sure to put your favourite moisturizer as a finishing step!

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