How I relieved my headache in 5 min!

In these months of quarantine, I have been having weekly ballet classes online (thanks Zoom!) and every time after I was done I had headache slowly building up until in the evening I got nausea and couldn’t even keep my eyes open, almost like a migraine.

I thought about every possible trigger and after some days of online research I found out that it could be a tension headache after a workout, and possible causes were overworking yourself, lack of sleep, not properly warming up and cooling down at the end, room too hot, dehydration or eye strain.

So, I started to correct everything I was doing wrong: I slept the whole 8 hours before exercising, I warmed up, turned on the AC in the room to make it cool, drank before and after (I am not talking about a single glass, I mean a whole 750 ml bottle before and one after) and avoided anything that could strain my eyes for the day. Nothing.
The precautions I took were absolutely in vain, in the evening I continued to have that awful headache.

I was absolutely defeated, I took an aspirin hoping it would have helped but it still didn’t get any better, which was very weird, I usually do not take medicine unless absolutely necessary so they are quite effective on me very quickly.
I went to bed at 4 o’clock in the afternoon to try to make it go away, I put my arm on the forehead and after a bit, I noticed a slow improvement. As soon as I stood up to go to the kitchen the aching came back again. How is this possible?

And then, I found the “cure”, I want to share it with you because this is life-changing, at least for me, and I hope it could help you as well. I don’t know if for you it will work just like it did with me, but it’s worth a shot.

I took a shower, washing my hair as well. That’s it.

I did take a shower after exercising but I lazily didn’t wash my hair because I didn’t sweat almost at all, so it was just a quick one and I was out and about in 5 minutes.

If you wonder why, apparently, the hot water relaxed the muscles and relieved my sinuses, I made sure I stayed there long enough to calm it, I also massaged my scalp with a little brush, which reactivates the circulation in the blood vessels of your scalp. I recommend it very vividly if you have dry scalp or, like me, tension headache or even for a relaxing moment of massage after a long day.
For the whole evening and night, I was completely fine with no headache.

I hope this little discovery I made can help someone out there who is just as desperate as I were and if you have any other tips and tricks on how to relieve headaches let me know!

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