Best Self Tan for Beginners and how to apply it

Avoiding the sun and being protected from it is super important to maintain healthy and young-looking skin without any wrinkles, it has been proved that sun rays are the 90% cause of wrinkles and sagging.
Fake tan is the best thing to do to keep having the summer-ready look (even in winter!), so I made this little guide to help everyone who wants to try it out for the first time. I will also recommend my favourite products so you can get a head start on the products.

When choosing a self-tan there’s a whole lot of things to consider shade, formula and brand, and the one I dread most: fragrance. I hate it when they smell like a biscuit.

The best formula I would recommend for a beginner is foam, so you can see where you applied it before it dries.

  1. The secret for a non-streaky tan is Exfoliation. This is the most important thing you should do, especially before applying the tan. You should exfoliate with a fine sugar scrub every time you take a shower, this reduces also the appearance of “strawberry legs”, you know when you have those tine red dots on your leg after shaving? The scrub will remove dead skin cells which are the cause of the streaks.

2. Wax (or shave). Remove all unwanted hair the day before you intend to apply the fake tan. If you wax it’s an excellent exfoliator as well.

3. Moisturise. Be sure to extra moisturize dry areas, like feet, elbows and knees, and let the skin absorb the cream for at least half an hour before. When you’re ready leave some fresh moisturizer on your wrist to blend seamlessly with your hands.

4. Apply the Self Tan. Be sure to apply it with a mitt, squeezing the product directly on to it. A mistake that often beginners make is that they end up with hands darker than the rest because they apply it without any gloves or mitt. Clean the mitt after every use to avoid build-up of product and let it air dry.
Tip: If you don’t have a mitt and still want to use your bare hands, be sure to set a timer and wash them every 5 minutes.

5. Use circular motion in small parts. Focus on just a small part at the time to avoid leaving out parts, like inner arms and thighs. If you want to apply it on your face as well but are concerned, don’t worry, mix it with your face moisturizer to lighten the shade.
Tips: When applying the tan be in a well-aired room to avoid you to sweat, a fan may also do the trick.
If you are using an instant tan you have to be very quick and when you notice streaks you can blend it with a kabuki brush.

Photo by Breakingpic

6. Let it dry. You should let it dry for at least one hour and then you can wear clothes, use dark and loose clothes so it doesn’t transfer or create patches. Try to apply it at night, it usually takes time to develop and it’s the best time to do it. Make sure you don’t sweat during the night!
Tip: if you want to speed the waiting time use a fan, a hairdryer on cool settings or loose powder.

7. Take a shower. After the recommended time take a shower to wash off the excess product. Use cooler water than usual, the hot water may dry your skin and ruin your tan. Avoid any soaps or scrubs for this first shower.

8. Maintain. To prolong the tan moisturize daily and keep using cooler water in the shower.

Bonus tip:
To get a glowing finish apply a body oil to achieve the golden goddess effect!

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