12 Tips for Glowing Skin

When I think about summer I picture flowy dresses, pools and glowing skin. I have very dry skin and to make it glowing it’s a lot of work. I quickly realised that getting glowing skin it’s not about getting the right cream but more of a change of lifestyle. Glowing is important to check thatContinue reading “12 Tips for Glowing Skin”

What is the best hair removal method and how to apply it

After a long time using it my epilator broke, so I decided to explore all of the other options. In my mind, I wanted to find the perfect solution: no ingrown hair, no pain, cheap and long-lasting. Spoiler alert it doesn’t exist ☹️ I researched wide and long for a solution and I think theContinue reading “What is the best hair removal method and how to apply it”

Best Self Tan for Beginners and how to apply it

Avoiding the sun and being protected from it is super important to maintain healthy and young-looking skin without any wrinkles, it has been proved that sun rays are the 90% cause of wrinkles and sagging.Fake tan is the best thing to do to keep having the summer-ready look (even in winter!), so I made thisContinue reading “Best Self Tan for Beginners and how to apply it”